Statistics for Experimenters, 2 nd. edition

Statistics for Experimenters, 2 nd. edition

Koesuunnittelun perusteosten "äiti". Kirja on pakollinen luettava kokeensuunnittelijoille ja koetulosten analysoijille. Boxin kirja on koesuunnittelussa (Doe) samaa kuin Shewhartin kirja on SPC:ssä. Todellinen käsikirja! Nyt uudelleen kirjoitettu ja päivitetty painos!!

Kirjoittajat: Box, George E.P. and Hunter William G. and Hunter, J. Stuard
Sivuja: 664
Vuosi: 2005

Providing even greater accessibility for its users, the Second Edition is thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the changes in techniques and technologies since the publication of the classic First Edition.

Among the new topics included are:

  • Graphical Analysis of Variance
  • Computer Analysis of Complex Designs
  • Simplification by transformation
  • Hands-on experimentation using Response Service Methods
  • Further development of robust product and process design using split plot arrangements and minimization of error transmission
  • Introduction to Process Control, Forecasting and Time Series
  • Illustrations demonstrating how multi-response problems can be solved using the concepts of active and inert factor spaces and canonical spaces
  • Bayesian approaches to model selection and sequential experimentation


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Statistics for Experimenters, 2 nd. edition

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