Integrated LEAN Six Sigma Road Map

Integrated LEAN Six Sigma Road Map

Rath & Strong's erinomainen "juliste", jossa on esiteltynä selkeästi Six Sigman vaiheet. Kaaviosta näet helposti mitä työkalua tulisi käyttää missäkin vaiheessa.

From the firm that first brought Lean to the United States - Rath & Strong's Integrated Lean Six Sigma Road Map is the first of its kind to truly integrate Lean and Six Sigma under the DMAIC problem-solving methodology. Now you can combine the power of Six Sigma to eliminate defects and variation with the power of Lean to eliminate waste and create continuous flow. This Road Map takes the guesswork out of the “what tool to use when” dilemma that is frequently an issue in any process improvement effort and offers a seamless integration of improvement principles and tools. This road map for Integrated Lean Six Sigma is ideal for both Manufacturing and Service industries and addresses all types of business processes whether they are transactional, office, service, or manufacturing. Black Belts, Green Belts, Sponsors, Champions, Stakeholders, and Team Members ALL find this Road Map an invaluable resource for Lean Six Sigma methods, tools, techniques, and milestones for each step of the Lean Six Sigma process.

You can now achieve the goals of each step in the Integrated Lean Six Sigma DMAIC process:


Set project goals and boundaries, based on the needs of the business, the customer, and the process.

Select and begin defining the project value stream.


Build a factual understanding of existing process conditions and establish a baseline capability level.

Complete a current state value stream map to establish a process baseline for the value stream.


* Develop theories of root causes, confirm the theories with data, and identify the root cause(s) of the problem.
* Analyze the value stream to design a value stream with the shortest lead time, the highest quality, and the lowest possible cost.


* Develop, implement, and evaluate solutions targeted at the verified root cause.
* Design, implement, and debug a continuous flow process with the shortest lead time, the highest quality, and the lowest cost possible.


* Ensure that the new value stream meets/exceeds goals.
* Ensure that the problem stays solved.
* Ensure that the new process can be further improved

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Integrated LEAN Six Sigma Road Map

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