A Nation Reconstructed: A Quest for the Cities That Can Be

A Nation Reconstructed: A Quest for the Cities That Can Be

Kirja on kaikille, jotka etsivät ratkaisua suurille asutuskeskusten ja kaupunkien ongelmille. Kirja sisältää ideoita, kuinka laadulla voi uudistaa ja virkistää kaupunkiyhteisöä. Suomessa koetaan lähitulevaisuudessa samat slummiutumis yms. ongelmat kun USA:ssa. Lue ja opi kokemuksesta! Ennakoi tulevaisuus.

For anyone seeking solutions to the massive urban problems in the United States, this book conveys ideas from a number of professionals that can lead to a quality orientation in urban revitalization. Understand where we are as a nation, where we want to be, and how we plan to get there. This book supplies the initial methodology necessary to implement revitalization activities through careful stewardship, intelligent strategic planning, and tactical excellence. The goal is to provide an example that leads to successful urban revitalization with a moral commitment to empower people for self help. This book includes chapters written by notable figures such as, the Honorable Gordon Bush, Mayor of East St. Louis,William Brown, member of the Illinois Governor's Task Force on Urban Economic Development,and the Honorable Richard Swett, former U.S. congressman from New Hampshire.


  • A Total Quality Approach to Urban Revitalization
  • Next Generation Policy Making: The Challenge of Federal
  • Local Partnerships
  • The Crisis in Human Capital Development in Distressed Urban Communities
  • Lack of a Quality Focus in Urban Education Sanctioned by Government
  • The Family in Crisis
  • The Vision of Urban Revitalization
  • Democracy and Total Quality
  • Financing and Restructuring Debt in the Inner City
  • Fighting Drug Crime in the Distressed City
  • Solving Urban Education Problems Through a Quality Focus
  • The Economic Well-Being of the Inner City
  • Planning the Quality Program for Customer Focus and Effective Implementation
  • Deming and Juran and the Physical Rebuild of the City
  • Getting Started and Getting Results
  • Cities That Will be in 2010

Kirjoittajat: Hart, Roger D. and Cooley, Sheryl L. (editors)
Sivuja: 309
Julkaistu: 1997

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A Nation Reconstructed: A Quest for the Cities That Can Be

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