Synchronous Management - Volume 2

Synchronous Management - Volume 2

Volume 2 applies the Synchronous Management principles to complex manufacturing environments, identifies the most critical implementation issues, and illustrates the key concepts with several case studies. The main thread that runs through Volume 2 is that manufacturing plants can be segmented into three general categories- referred to as V-plants, A-plants, and T-plants.

The behavior of real-life plants can be understood in terms of combinations of these generic plant types. Recommended strategies for implementing Synchronous Managment concepts in each of these plant types is discussed. A key feature of this volume is the use of detailed case studies to illustrate systematic processes for implementing Synchronous Management along with the attendant logistical systems.

Four extensive case studies are presented in this volume, each based on an actual Synchronous Management implementation. In each case, key issues and the framework for the implementation process are described. The case study is then used to illustrate these concepts and demonstrate the implementation process.

Kirjoittajat: Mokshagundam L. Srikanth ja Michael Umble
Sivuja: 234
Vuosi: 1997

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Synchronous Management - Volume 2

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